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SPPC Paris Bleu parfums (Франция)
Geparlys (Франция)
Nike (Испания)
Dramers (Польша)
Дзинтарс (Латвия)
Пирана (Украина)
Стимул-колор косметик (Россия)
Verona Cosmetics (Польша)
Brocard (Paris-Moscow)
Jean Jacques Vivier (Франция)
Corine de Farme (Франция)
Paris Line Parfums
Aroma Perfume (Украина)
Parfumeries Generales (Франция)
Prestige Perfums (Франция)
VIA Paris  Parfums (Франция)
Фиона (Россия)
Parfums Parour (Франция)
Dina Cosmetics (Франция)
Zenith Parfums (Франция)
Кедр Инструмент (Россия)


"BelTRAMP" Production Commercial Limited Liability Company is a Belarusian trade company, which has already supplied perfumes and cosmetics, household chemistry, building materials to the retail trade networks of the Republic for more than ten years.

We are the general representative of perfume and cosmetic plants JACOMO S.A., SPPC "Paris Bleu",  Geparlys S.A., Cindy C. and "Parfums de Paris int*l" (Paris, France), De Ruy S.A. (Sevilla, Spain),  "Novaya Zarya" (Moscow, Russia), "Dzintars"  (Latvia), and the manufacturer of aerosols  Dramers SA (Poznan, Poland). The official representative of "Kalina" concern (Ekaterinenbourg, Russia). We are representing a several   manufacturers from Ukraine. There are the manufacturer "Slobozhansky soap-boiler" the Open Joint-Stock Company and the Ukraine-Bulgarian Joint Venture "Pirana" the manufacturer cosmetics and household chemistry (Kharkov, the Ukraine). This is far from being the whole list of our suppliers.

There are biggest in the Russian from such fabrics like ZAO "Petrohim" (Sankt- Peterburg), produced almost all assortment such goods and modern fabrics of from Moscow "Quality International" ltd and "Ecohimtrade" ltd produced the glues wallpaper and special glues and a lot of others fabrics from Russia in the building materials area.
Trade organizations and individual undertakers on the whole territory of Belarus cooperate with us. The wide assortment  of products is supplied to such big department stores of Minsk as "TSUM", "GUM", "Na Nemige", "Belarus", "Kirmash", the biggest department stores of province centers of the Republic. Smaller and very small trade companies (of categories B,C,D) are not set aside, too.
What we offer to our suppliers:
- Provision of goods to all areas of Belarus;
- Precise calculations at transfer to the deferred payment;
- Organization of production certification on the territory of Belarus;
- Merchandising;
- Organization of promotion actions and other joint actions for promotion of products.
What we demand from our suppliers:
- Availability of the competitive products, taking into account the specific character of the local market;
- Starting from the second delivery, transfer to the deferred payment by the perfumes and provision of the deferred payment for cosmetics, starting from the first delivery, due to certification of each  lot of these products and their customs clearance only when the Belarusian certificate is available;
- Delivery of the products having at least 2/3 of their service life, but at least 2 years before the expiry date.
- Availability of the following information on labels in Russian: description of the products, their composition, manufacturer, importer, service life;
- Documents for quality;
- Provision of advertising and other POS-materials;
- Provision perfume  testers is obligatory in according with Belarus legislation;
- Organization and planning of promotion actions, other sales stimulation.
What we offer to our clients:
- The free-of-charge operative delivery of a lot of products having the cost by 100$ to any point of Belarus;
- The flexible payment system and possible deferred payment for 30 calendar days;
- Purchase of the product in cash at our company’s department store;
- Quality certificates and hygienic registration certificates. The products imported to RB are subject to the mandatory hygienic registration – once per year. And some of them – also to the mandatory certification of every lot of the products. This is true unless the supplier provides the certificate for the serial production, which is valid for 3 years;
- The clear system of discounts;
- Reasonable recommendations for purchase of products, taking into account the peculiarity of the specific purchaser;
- Provision perfume  testers for all assortment the client purchasing;
- The colorful advertisement material, POS- materials from the suppliers;
- Replacement of the defected products.
We would like to specially note the high professionalism of our employees and mobility of our company. The specific features of work of our trade agents include permanent business trips and the personal contact with the purchaser. The structure of our company includes the department of promoters, the logistics center, merchandising, the company's department store, representatives in regions. We have everything which make it possible for "BelTRAMP" Production Commercial Limited Liability Company to dynamically develop, and for its suppliers  - to successfully conquer the market of Belarus.


You can send a message with your wishes or questions to our e-mail directly from the site after having completed the form below. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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